Graduating All-Star Nominations Now Being Accepted!

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Volleyball Manitoba has begun the Nominations process for the 2017/18 Graduating All-Star Teams!

We ask that all Varsity Coaches, from ‘A’ through ‘AAAA’, nominate their Grade 12 graduating athletes for the Volleyball Manitoba Graduating All-Star Team!

(Historically we’ve asked Coaches to only nominate those athletes who they feel are truly among the top players in the province (in their respective ‘A’ through ‘AAAA’ designation).  However, because our voting procedures are now online and fans/spectators are allowed to vote, in the interest of avoiding some athletes being left out of the process we have decided to encourage Coaches to nominate all of their Grade 12s.)

Eligibility Requirements:

- An athlete must be a member of a varsity high school volleyball team that is registered with the MHSAA

- An athlete must be in Grade 12 and assumed to be graduating in June, 2018

Nomination Form:
Please submit the following information for each player you wish to nominate:

Competitive Division (i.e. Girls or Boys AAAA, AAA, AA or A)
School Team Name
Athlete Name
Athlete Uniform Number
Athlete Position
Athlete T-Shirt Size

Nominations can be emailed to

The Nomination Deadline is October 16th, 2017, so please nominate your athletes ASAP so they don’t get left out! Voting will commence on October 18th.

The Grad All-Star Event will be held on December 9th, 2017, and includes a Banquet Breakfast/Brunch and Awards Ceremony, followed by the Games (location TBA).  Final details will be announced as they become available.
The 4 Teams available include ‘AAAA’ Boys, ‘AAAA’ Girls, ‘A’-‘AAA’ Boys, and ‘A’-‘AAA’ Girls.

Call for Volunteer Selection Committee Members

The Grad All-Star Selection process is as follows:

Coaches such as yourselves nominate athletes.

Upon the closing of nominations, a voting ballot is created and dispersed.

Coaches and others cast their votes for players within their division.

These votes are tallied, and a Selection Committee of Coaches selects and forms the two teams from those nominated athletes.

Volleyball Manitoba requires Volunteers to fill these Grad All-Star Selection Committees (1 Committee for each of the 4 Teams).  If you are interested in joining a Selection Committee, please let us know by October 31st.

Committee responsibilities include:

- Making final team selections based on voting results and forming teams from those players selected

- Selecting players for the All-Manitoba Teams and selecting an MVP (‘AAAA’ Divisions)

- Selecting the Coach of the Year within their Division

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Volleyball Manitoba Graduating All-Star Teams, please contact Anthony Roberts at

Thank you and good luck in the 2017 High School Volleyball season!

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