In December of 2004, over 60 of the most prominent and experienced volleyball coaches, players and administrators in Canada gathered in Toronto to discuss the current state of our sport, the desired state and what we need to do in order to achieve the desired state. Following this meeting, Volleyball Canada in partnership with Sport Canada made a strategic decision to embrace and implement the LTAD model. LTAD offers a pragmatic and scientific approach to developing our athletes. To date, competition was not defined for volleyball it just happened.

LTAD represents a systematic, integrated system that is built around developing athletes and identifying appropriate levels of competition at each stage. LTAD is about “volleyball for life”. Over the next year Volleyball Manitoba will be taking a look at our existing programming and new initiatives and determining how they best fit in the new LTAD model. We will as a province determine what we need to do to help acheive the goals of LTAD for the development of volleyball in Canada. As the first step to that process we are making available the LTAD Model to our members and volleyball community within Manitoba to help you understand LTAD and better prerpare you for what lies ahead.

Please feel free to download and /or forward the LTAD Model to anyone who may be interested. LTAD book

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