Age Class Club

Volleyball Manitoba runs a number of Youth Programs.

Our Age Class Club Season is our largest Youth Program running from January to April with our Provincial Championships in April and May.

Club Information Form

Tournament Sanction Forms

Screening Disclosure Form

U.S. Travel Forms

  • The below form is the new form required by VC to request a Letter of Good Standing required for International Competition
  • Fillable PDF: Volleyball Canada – Letter of Good Standing Request Form **Please note that forms must be submitted to our office at least three (3) weeks prior to your teams departure date**
  • For more information, please see the above form (first page, FAQ)

Player Registration Forms

All forms can be emailed to unless otherwise specified. All forms can also be faxed to (204)-925-5786.


2017-18 Age Class Club Volleyball Handbook (Nov 10 Update)

VM Club Volleyball FAQ (Provided by VM Competition Committee)

VM Spectators Behavioral Code Of Conduct (Appendix A)

VM Scouting & Recruiting Guidelines (Appendix B)

VM Tournament Sanction Form 2017-18 (Appendix C)

VM Tournament Results Form 2017-18 (Appendix D)

VM 2017-18 Individual Registration Form (Appendix E)

Appendix F
Volleyball Manitoba Player of the Year Nomination Form 2017-18 (coming soon!)
Tennant/Cable Award Nomination Form 2017-18 (coming soon!)
Mary Jean England Coach of the Year Nomination Form 2017-18 (coming soon!)
Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form 2017-18 (coming soon!)
Nikki Redekop Memorial Scholarship Application 2017-18 (coming soon!)

Coaches Ethical Standards Manual (Appendix G)

VM Screening Policy (Appendix H)

Dispute Resolution Policy (Appendix I)

MVA Appeal Policy (Appendix J)



*Non-Volleyball Manitoba tournaments are only covered for insurance if the tournament is sanctioned. A tournament is considered to be sanctioned when you apply online and payment of the $50.00 sanctioning fee has been received in our office.   

VM Tournament Sanction Form 2017-18
VM Tournament Results Form 2017-18

2018 Volleyball Manitoba Sanctioned Tournament List (coming soon!)


2018 Volleyball Manitoba Premier Tournaments


Tournament Details

  • Categories: 16U Boys and Girls
  • Dates: Feb 9/10, 2018
  • Location: Dakota Community Centre, Winnipeg, MB
  • Registration Cost: $350 +GST
  • Max # of Teams: 30

Tournament Details

  • Categories: 13U Boys and Girls
  • Dates: Feb 16/17, 2018
  • Location: Sport For Life Centre, Winnipeg, MB
  • Registration Cost: $350 +GST
  • Max # of Teams: 25

Tournament Details

  • Categories: 15U Boys and Girls
  • Dates: Feb 23/24, 2018
  • Location: Dakota Community Centre, Winnipeg, MB
  • Registration Cost: $350 +GST
  • Max # of Teams: 30

Tournament Details

  • Categories: 14U Boys and Girls
  • Dates: Mar 2/3, 2018
  • Location: Dakota Community Centre & Red River College, Winnipeg, MB
  • Registration Cost: $350 +GST
  • Max # of Teams: 30 Girls, 20 Boys

Tournament Details

  • Wezer Bridle Cup
  • Categories: Adult Men’s & Women’s, 17U-18U Boys and Girls
  • Dates: Apr 13/14, 2018
  • Location: Dakota Community Centre & Red River College, Winnipeg, MB
  • Registration Cost: $350 +GST
  • Max # of Teams: 50

2017 Volleyball Manitoba Provincial Championships


13U Girls – April 21/22, 2018 – Dakota Community Centre, WPG
13U Boys – April 21/22, 2018 – Dakota Community Centre, WPG

14U Girls Tier 1 – May 5/6, 2018 – Dakota Community Centre & TBC, WPG
14U Girls Tier 2 – May 5/6, 2018 – TBC, WPG
14U Boys – May 5/6, 2018 – Red River College, WPG
15U Girls – Apr 28/29, 2018 – Red River College & Tec Voc, WPG
15U Boys – Apr 28/29, 2018 – MBCI, WPG
16U Girls – Apr 28/29, 2018 – Dakota Community Centre, WPG
16U Boys – Apr 28/29, 2018 – University of Winnipeg, WPG

17U Girls – May 5/6, 2018 – SRSS & Clearspring, Steinbach
17U Boys – May 5/6, 2018 – BU, Brandon
18U Girls – May 5/6, 2018 – SRSS & Clearspring, Steinbach
18U Boys – May 5/6, 2018 – BU, Brandon


Premier Tournament and Provincial Championship Hotel Information

Please click below to find club/team information and tryout details in your area! Please note, clubs/teams may be added at anytime.

NEW REGIONAL BOUNDARIES: Sport Manitoba has recently updated their regional classifications, please visit their website HERE to review the updated borders.

Is your club/team not listed in this section? If you would like your contact information listed on our website, please email with the following information: (Club/Team Name, Operating Ward(s)/Primary Practice Location, Age Category(s) Available, Gender(s) Available, Contact Person, Contact Email, Contact Phone Number, Tryout Date/Time/Location (if available), City/Town)

What is Age Class Volleyball?

Age Class Volleyball is a program organized by Volleyball Manitoba to promote volleyball and provide additional opportunities for player development and competition.

This program is run in the school volleyball off season (January to May) beginning with an organizational meeting in January and ending with a provincial tournament in April or May. Some categories also have the opportunity to advance to Western or National Championships.

Teams set their own practice schedules (Volleyball Manitoba does not have these schedules) and competition consists of exhibition matches and tournament play. Clubs or teams and the Volleyball Manitoba organize and promote tournaments for teams to participate in.

I am a player, how do I find a team to play with?

It is then your responsibility to contact these individuals and determine if you are able to find a team to play with.  If you would like, Volleyball Manitoba can provide your name to Team or Club coaches at the Age Class Organizational Meeting in January and if they are looking for players they may contact you regarding playing opportunities.

How would I form an Age Class Team?

Age Class teams consist of a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 15 players of the appropriate age class category and a properly certified coach. Registration and payment must be done online by the deadline date. Throughout the year Volleyball Manitoba will update the website with upcoming tournaments and other team contacts.  It is your responsibility to make arrangements for facility practice times, exhibition games and tournament entries.

How would I form an Age Class Club and what are the benefits?

Clubs are formed when two or more teams fall under the same organization.  Ideally, a club would be a formal organization with an organizing body, both girls and boys teams in all age categories.  Generally, clubs have a variety of teams covering most age categories and tiers. Clubs enjoy a number of privileges not shared by the individual team registrations.  For example, the younger players playing on younger age category team are allowed to “play up” with an older team within the club or if a club had enough players for two teams in the same age category and tier they do not have to declare their teams until the Provincial Championships.  This allows coaches the opportunity to spend more time with players before dividing the players into separate teams.

What type of certification do I need to coach club volleyball?

Please refer to the Age Class Club Handbook for current Coach Certification Requirements.

What are the Age Categories for Age Class Volleyball?

2017-18 Age Classifications


13 & Under              Sept 2004 & Later
14 & Under              Sept 2003 & Later
15 & Under              Sept 2002 & Later
16 & Under              Sept 2001 & Later
17 & Under              Sept 2000 & Later
18 & Under              Sept 1999 & Later

How long is the season?

The age class season is generally from January through May, but depends on the Age Category and Tier. Some clubs have try-outs in December or January.

How much will it cost me to play?

The costs associated with playing club volleyball varies depending on the team. There are basic fees such as Volleyball Manitoba Team Registration Fees, Provincial Tournament Entry Fees, and National Tournament Entry Fees. Variations of costs depends greatly on the number of practices and tournaments that teams enter. Additional costs associated with playing club volleyball are; gym shoes, practice clothing, team uniform, gym rental, officials costs, club registration fee, tournament entry, travel, etc.

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