Coaching Workshops

Volleyball Workshop Dates and Locations

Pre-Workshop E-Modules must be completed online before Coaches can participate in Workshops below.
Development Coach (Old Level 1) Workshops run from 6:00-10:00pm Friday, and 8:30am-5:00pm on Saturday.
Advanced Development Coach (Old Level 2) Workshops run from 8:30am-5pm on Saturday and 9am-5pm on Sunday.
Anyone attending a clinic must be present for the ENTIRE clinic in order to become certified, no exceptions. Please be advised that every clinic involves on-court participation. Proper gym attire is highly recommended.

2016/2017 Pre-Workshop E-Modules

2016/2017 Development Coach (Old Level 1) Workshops:

2016/2017 Advanced Development Coach (Old Level 2) Workshops:

2016/2017 Other Workshops:

If you have any questions regarding the certification process, please contact Scott Koskie at

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact Anthony Roberts at

All Locations TBA unless specified otherwise

If you have any questions regarding online registration, please contact Anthony Roberts at


Please be advised that full Development Coach (Old Level 1) or Advanced Development Coach (Old Level 2) Certification is a multi-step process, beyond completion of a Dev Coach or Advanced Dev Coach Volleyball Workshop.  Please see more information on full requirements below.

Development Coach (Old Level 1) Certification Requirements

Respect In Sport Certification
(Already did your Respect In Sport training for another sport?  Here’s how to add Volleyball to your profile!)

Additionally, all new Coaches should familiarize themselves with the Volleyball Canada Annual Rule Book.
You can find a digital copy of the
2015-2016 Volleyball Canada Rule Book here.

Advanced Development Coach (Old Level 2) Certification Requirements

Performance Coach (Old Level 3) Certification Requires: For more information regarding Performance Coach Certification, please contact Scott Koskie at Volleyball Manitoba directly at (204) 925-5784 or


NCCP Certification Maintenance Information

Beginning on January 1st, 2014, Volleyball Canada will comply with the Coaches Association of Canada’s (CAC) NCCP Professional Development policy and procedures.  Coaches will now receive credit within the Locker database for approved professional development experiences.  In order to maintain certification coaches will need to accrue a specific amount of points over a period of 5 years.  Please see the link above for additional information regarding Maintenance of Certification.

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