Benefits of Membership

Volleyball Manitoba Membership Fees & Benefits


 “Membership, and the act of becoming a member, reflects the commitment of individuals and groups to supporting the governing body’s mission and values. The development and stature of our sport depends on the willingness of participants to buy into the concept of belonging to an entity that encompasses the greater good for our sport – the capacity to speak as one voice that is inclusive of all of the various components and levels of participation. In this regard, our sport’s strength and vibrancy is ultimately reflected by its ability to incorporate and reflect the sum of its parts”


Volleyball Manitoba (VM) has recently reviewed and revised its membership structure with the recognition that membership growth is the fundamental platform for the development of volleyball in our province. The strategy to develop membership is based on the following key principles:

  1. Retaining membership requires an understanding of the benefits and experiences that are valued by your members.
  2. Growth requires investment in strategies to develop new members and customers.
    • Everyone – Volleyball Canada, Volleyball Manitoba, Association Members and Local Affiliates – benefits from membership development and needs to collaborate on strategies for growth.
    • Membership fees contribute to the overall growth and development of the sport through supporting the organizations capacity to develop and deliver programs (Provincial Team programs, Club Volleyball, MB Games Programs, Coach Development, Referee Development, Beach Volleyball, Adult Leagues and Tournaments, Communications, Governance, along with many other areas)
    • Measuring membership – who stays, who joins, demographics of membership, patterns of growth, etc. – is essential to evaluating growth and the success of growth strategies.


Volleyball Manitoba incorporates a format of Individual Membership jointly with Volleyball Canada, whereby each participant who registers with VM will also register, and be aware that they are registering, with Volleyball Canada. Membership fees include a Volleyball Manitoba and Volleyball Canada component. The membership period is from September 1 until August 31 of each year.


Volleyball Manitoba Membership Categories & Fees (2017-18)


Competitive Members:           Those who compete towards a Provincial / National Championship (Club, VCCE, Provincial & National Team and Regional Teams)


                                                                VM Fee   VC Fee     Total (inclusive of all taxes and fees)

Youth Club Competitive Player               $44.00     $28.00     $72.00

Leaders – Coach, Manager, Director      $44.00     $28.00     $72.00


Referees:                                                VM Fee   VC Fee     VC Ref Fee    Total (inclusive of all taxes and fees)

                Level 1                                     $44.00     $28.00       $0.00              $72.00

                Level 2                                     $44.00     $28.00       $0.00              $72.00    

                Level 3                                     $44.00     $28.00     $35.00            $107.00

                Level 4                                     $44.00     $28.00     $45.00            $117.00

                Level 5                                     $44.00     $28.00     $50.00            $122.00


Benefits of Competitive Membership includes the following:


Other Membership:                                VM Fee   VC Fee     Total (inclusive of all taxes and fees)

Youth Development Player / Coach        $25.00     $3.00       $28.00     See note 1 below

University / College Participant               $25.00     $3.00       $28.00

Adult Senior Player                                 $25.00     $3.00       $28.00

Program Participant                                $12.00     $3.00       $15.00      See note 2 below


  1. Youth Development Player / Coach includes those competing in club programs and VM sanctioned events from Jan-May but not competing in a National Championship.
  2. Program Participants includes membership for 12U programs (mini-volleyball etc.), VM camps or clinics.


Benefits of these membership categories includes the following:



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